Win Free 19Pencils Accounts For Your Entire School

It’s October and with that brings us Connected Educators Month. We’re looking to share and hear from as many of you as possible about 19Pencils and in order to do that we’re giving each and every school a chance to win a completely free 1-year subscription for every single teacher.

With 19Pencils you can search through millions of educational resources, across any topic.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 5.13.49 PM

Search through millions of resources. Save your favorites for later, or add them directly to your class page in a single click.

Find your favorites, and add them to your own unique class page for easy student access from home or school.

Add your own unique resources to your 19Pencils class page and win!

Add your own unique resources to your 19Pencils class page and win!

How can you win you ask? It’s easy! Just follow these 3 steps:

  1. Visit and create your free trial account.
  2. Search for content and add to your class page.
  3. And tweet about your page, being sure to include @19Pencils.

That’s it!  Already have an account? Then you are well on your way.

On October 31st one lucky school will win free 1-year subscriptions for every teacher, which includes free access for all students as well. More than a $500 value!

Good luck!

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Sharing YouTube Videos with Students

There comes a time in most classrooms where may find yourself wanting to share a specific YouTube video with your class. Now you could simply point your students to the YouTube web page, but you could find your students going click-crazy on every video except the one you actually want them to see (sound familiar?).

Here are a few easy steps that can help you to easily share your favorite videos while saving frustration for you and your students.

Step 1: Head over to and log into your account.


Arriving at and you have logged.

Next you will click on the “My Dashboard” link at the top of your page. Once you’ve arrived at your dashboard, click the “Add Content” tab on the left, then finally click the “Add Website” tab.

Step 2: Go to Add Website under My Dashboard


From your dashboard you can easily save new web based content.

Next, open a new browser tab or window and navigate to the YouTube video that you wish to share with your students. 

Step 3: Navigate to YouTube, copy the URL of the page you wish to share.


Navigate to the video you wish to share.

Now we will head back to 19Pencils and add this specific video for your class.

Step 4: Paste the YouTube URL into the Add Website field


Paste the full URL and click the button

The information about the website will be automatically retrieved for you, and a temporary thumbnail of it will be shown.


Retrieved information about your website. You may change this if you like.

Next scroll down a bit, and click the button to save this addition. You will now have this video automatically added to your class page.

Step 5: Refresh your 19Pencils Class Page


Thumbnail shows video of Space Shuttle cockpit launch added.

Now let’s confirm our new addition was a success. Click the thumbnail of the video you just added.

Step 6: Mission Accomplished!


Your YouTube video successfully running within your class page.

Congratulations! You’ve added a YouTube video directly to your class page.

You can now have confidence that even your youngest students are watching the video you wish.

Happy Teaching!

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ImageSACRAMENTO, CA –(November 4, 2013) — In the third phase of the Entrepreneurs Showcase, Velocity Venture Capital has accepted 10 of the most promising technology startups in the Sacramento / Northern California region to its Business Accelerator program. The eight-week Accelerator which began in October is designed to provide local entrepreneurs with a structured set of 8 modules focusing on everything from market analysis to team development to financing and more to help them more rapidly advance their business. Entrepreneurial teams meet each week at Velocity Venture Capital’s new Entrepreneurs Campus in Folsom, California, to learn, discuss, and apply key lessons on entrepreneurship with successful CEOs and investors from Silicon Valley and Sacramento. Each week the companies break off and go into a brainstorming and white-boarding session, applying the information they just heard to their own business. Each company presents the output of the working session to everyone else in the room.

“The sessions are a fire hose of information for these entrepreneurs that provide experiential learning – and a dramatic expansion of their professional networks,” said Jack Crawford, General Partner at Velocity Venture Capital. “The process of immediately translating the real world case studies to their own business forces the intellectual agility that every entrepreneur must have to succeed.”

The Accelerator Program is a partnership between Velocity Venture Capital and the University of the Pacific – and has been supported by the Kauffman Fellows Program, the National Venture Capital Association, Oracle, Samsung, Dell, Silicon Valley Bank, Bank of America, TriNet and others. Students from Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law and the Eberhardt School of Business also attend the sessions as a part of their coursework. The sessions provide an atmosphere rich in both experiential and academic learning. Each student works with one company throughout the Accelerator program.

“The Velocity Venture Capital Accelerator Program provides our students with a unique real-world learning opportunity in entrepreneurship while also providing the companies in the program a sounding-board and outside opinions on their business,” explained Dan Wadhwani, Professor of Entrepreneurship at University of Pacific.

The Business Accelerator Program is a part of Velocity Venture Capital’s six-month Entrepreneurs Showcase that seeks to ignite, accelerate and capitalize technology entrepreneurship in the Sacramento / Northern California Region. The Showcase culminates on December 3rd with a “Demo Day” at Velocity’s Entrepreneurs Campus where the 10 selected Accelerator companies will present their business to a room full of potential investors, partners and customers. At the end of the eight-week program, entrepreneurs are better positioned to attract customers, management talent, industry partners, and capital.

Alumni companies of Velocity Venture Capital’s Business Accelerator credit the activities as a valuable opportunity for taking their businesses to the next level.

“Velocity Venture Capital’s Entrepreneurs Showcase program with its business accelerator modules, mentoring, and network of connections and introductions is the best start-up resource in the Sacramento / Northern California region. I would encourage any entrepreneur to participate in the program,” said CJ Alvarado, CEO of Snippet and alumnus of the 2012 batch of companies. To see Snippet and the other selected companies from the 2012 Entrepreneurs Showcase visit:

The 10 companies accepted into Velocity’s Accelerator Program offer technology solutions for a cross section of industries in some of the most promising markets:

19 Pencils provides services to help K-6 teachers discover, manage, and share web resources with students and peers. Serving more than 10,000 members from over 60 countries, the company saves teachers, librarians, and homeschooling parents hours every week. 19Pencils makes it easy to find and incorporate online resources into the curriculum to enhance teaching and learning, and allows teachers to share these resources with other educators. In addition, teachers can quickly create quizzes and games that reinforce Common Core standards. Founded in 2012, 19Pencils provides a secure and creative learning environment, with easy access for students from home or school.

Apptology is a leading mobile applications development company based in Sacramento. Apptology is capable of creating customized mobile development solutions for startups, SMB’s and Fortune 500 companies. With a team of nearly 40 developers, Apptology has developed over 350 native apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile platforms. Apptology will be launching ReadyEdition which is a revolutionary product that will allow publishers to self publish to tablet and smartphones.

• Archer is a software company providing Smart TV OS to device companies. Archer has developed a more intuitive gesture input based on computer vision technology to create a much better user experience and more possibilities for people on their TVs.

• CirrusMD Inc. is a healthcare communications company focused on mobile physician access solutions. CirusMD’s HIPAA compliant platform allows medical practices and health systems to offer video chat and direct messaging to their patients over mobile devices and the Internet. CirrusMD is currently live in Sacramento and Boston and is actively adding new partners. The Company is engaged in business development opportunities with major health systems, insurance companies, HMOs, ACOs, government payer programs, and corporate health and wellness plans. CirrusMD was founded in 2012 and has operations in Denver and Sacramento.

• CPG Data, based in El Dorado Hills, CA, is a SaaS company serving the B2B consumer packaged goods industry, specializing in the beverage segment. The CPG Data™ Enterprise Portal™ provides real-time secure analytics of program execution and retail compliance standards as prescribed by suppliers, distributors, and retailers in their respective geographies, channels, and chains through the use of photos and proprietary, patent-pending collection methods using a smart phone app. “CPG Data™, Display Tracking Awesomeness!”

• The Gift of Education is an online gift registry focused on educational savings. The Gift of Education operates like many other online gift registries but instead of registering for toys and other gifts, a person can register an existing educational savings account. Friends and family can visit to make a contribution online.

• HomeZada is a home information platform that helps homeowners manage a home inventory, a home maintenance schedule, home improvement projects and home finances. The all-in-one cloud based solution helps homeowners maintain value, save money, and be more organized in managing one of their largest assets. HomeZada Professional is a marketing solution for real estate, insurance, and home building professionals to increase renewals and referrals from their homeowner clients.

• Mindful Meal is Pandora for Food. Mindful Meal creates highly personalized Meal Plans and Grocery Lists by managing information such as allergies, diets, likes and dislikes. Ultimately, MindfulMeal helps busy individuals and families eat healthy while saving time and money.

• SmartCase is a smart case for your phone. It’s SMART because it consolidates your “everyday necessities” into one efficient phone case. From your wallet to your keys, SmartCase provides a streamlined case to hold your items and has a “hands-free” carrying option. The SmartCase is Cash, Keys, ID, and Credit Cards all in one compact place. GET SMART!

• SpecialtyMD is a startup healthcare company building a comprehensive physician directory and online platform to capitalize on a market need for improved coordination of health services by leveraging technology. SpecialtyMD will increase access to specialty care and improve health outcomes for millions of patients.

About Velocity Venture Capital
Velocity Venture Capital is a seed and early-stage venture capital firm that invests in information technology companies as they converge with key market sectors like Security, Medical, Energy, and Education. Velocity works to identify and partner with smart, persistent and bold entrepreneurs to build world-class companies in the US with a concentration on Sacramento / Northern California. The firm is headquartered in the Sacramento region just east of the Silicon Valley. For more information, please visit

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Velocity Venture Capital to boost 10 tech startups

Image is very excited to be part of the Velocity Venture Capital accelerator program!  Here’s an article from the Sacramento Business Journal about the program.

Velocity Venture Capital announced it has accepted 10 promising technology startups into the its Entrepreneurs Showcase, the third phase of its Business Accelerator program.

The accelerator program started in October and meets every week. It has entrepreneurs work through eight modules on topics from growth to financing with successful executives and investors.

“The sessions are a fire hose of information for these entrepreneurs that provide experiential learning — and a dramatic expansion of their professional networks,” Jack Crawford, general partner at Velocity Venture Capital, said in a news release. “The process of immediately translating the real world case studies to their own business forces the intellectual agility that every entrepreneur must have to succeed.”

The showcase will be unveiled Dec. 3 with a “Demo Day” at Velocity’s Entrepreneurs campus in Folsom where the 10 companies will present their business to a room full of potential investors, partners and customers.

The selected companies selected this year are:

  • 19 Pencils: Provides services to help elementary teachers use web resources
  • Apptology: A mobile applications development company based in Sacramento
  • Archer: A software company providing intuitive gesture Smart TV operating system to device companies
  • CirrusMD Inc.: A healthcare communications company focused on mobile physician communications
  • CPG Data Inc.: An El Dorado Hills software company serving the beverage industry
  • The Gift of Education: An online gift registry focused on educational savings
  • HomeZada: A cloud-based home information platform for homeowners managing inventory, maintenance, documents, improvement projects and finances
  • Mindful Meal: A highly personalized meal plans and shopping list that manages allergies, diets, likes and dislikes
  • SmartCase: A case for everything ranging from the phone, wallet and keys
  • SpecialtyMD: Healthcare company building a physician directory and online platform to for improved coordination of health services

The Business Accelerator program is a partnership between Velocity Venture Capital and the University of the Pacific. It also gets support from the Kauffman Fellows Program, theNational Venture Capital Association and other companies including Oracle Corp.SamsungDell Inc.Silicon Valley BankBank of America and TriNet.

(Reprinted from Sacramento Business Journal:

Sign up for a free 19Pencils account today!

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Roseville dad creates website for teachers, students after volunteering in classroom

ROSEVILLE, CA – A father of three is making his mark in classrooms all over the world by inventing a web based tool for teachers to share content with their students.

Like a lot of other parents, Jason Fabbri wanted to volunteer in his kids’ classroom. He’s a software engineer, so he thought he’d be most helpful in the computer room.

“I recognized that the teachers needed something to help them make the most of that time,” Fabbri said.

He started out by helping them create a simple homepage and was bombarded with requests.

“Could you add this link to this page? Take this one off?” Fabbri recounted.

Two years ago, he came up with 19Pencils, a website where teachers can create and manage a unique class page. They can add links, which students can access from home or school.

The site has its own search engine, which filters for educational content and assures kids are only accessing appropriate websites.

“In lieu of searching wildly for certain topics, say California missions and you get 100,000 hits, they go into 19Pencils and maybe get 25 hits,” Marco Baeza said.

Baeza, the technology director for the Roseville School District, said 19Pencils streamlines information and saves a lot of time in the classroom.

Sixty-five teachers in the Roseville School District use 19Pencils. It also appears to be making the grade on a global scale; about 10,000 users are registered from around the world.

“When a teacher comes and says, ‘oh this is fantastic, I love this or I love that,’ those are things that encourage me and inspiring me to keep continuing,” Fabbri explained.

19Pencils is free, but teachers can pay to create customized games and puzzles for their students. For now, Fabbri runs it on the side, but he eventually wants to make it a full time gig.

“It’s really kind of a labor of love,” Fabbri said.

The American Library Association recently recognized 19Pencils as one of the top 25 sites for teaching and learning.


(Reprinted from News10:

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Announcing The 19Pencils Teachers Rewards Program

It’s hard to believe that Spring has sprung. At 19Pencils we not only want to help you discover and manage fresh websites for your class, but we also want to show our appreciation to the teachers who use the power of 19Pencils to help enrich the learning process for their students. We’ve got you covered on the first part. To help with the second, we’ve partnered with our friends at to create the 19Pencils’ Teacher Rewards Program.

Announcing the 19Pencils’ Teacher Rewards Program powered by Chalkfly logo

We want to see you and your class get the most out of your 19Pencils page. Do you like discovering new websites for your students? Add ‘em to your class page! Do you want your students to have great resources at home? Tell parents about your class page!

We will reward two lucky members whose class pages have the most activity during the month of April with $20 to spend on school supplies courtesy of Chalkfly, the best place online to get your classroom supplies. You will be able to spend your rewards just like cash directly at Chalkfly where you can get anything from crayons to protractors and everything in between. Simply send your students to your class page between April 1-30 and you could win free stuff for you class. It’s that easy. And be sure to look for more contests just like these throughout the school year.

With 19Pencils it’s easy to discover and share web resources with your class. And with the 19Pencils’ Teacher Rewards powered by Chalkfly now it’s easy to get free stuff for your class too.

Happy teaching and good luck!

The 19Pencils Team

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3 Easy Steps to Including Websites in Student Assignments

There are often times when a teacher wants to direct students to a website (or sites) to gather information. Usually this is followed by the desire to have the students present what they’ve learned, in a brief paper or similar task. Depending on the age of the students you have to ask yourself “Should I ask them to try to find the website for this assignment, or should I point them to it?”.

Depending on the age of your students you may want to point them to it, and I’m going to show you how to easily do that in just a few steps. Here we share how you can quickly detail the objective of your students and refer to specific websites that you may already have in your 19Pencils list of favorite resources. Even if you don’t have them already saved, you can easily discover them and add them with a single click of the mouse.

Step 1: Write Up your Assignment

Point your browser and log in. If you don’t already have an account, don’t worry it’s completely free and painless to create one. Once logged in, visit your dashboard by clicking “My Dashboard”, then click “My Assignments”.

If you’ve never created an assignment before you will see a brief bit of text explaining how to create one. Since that’s what we’re doing here and since you’ve read this far I’ll assume you’ve never created one so go ahead and click the “New Assignment” link.

Adding a title and details for your new assignment.

You will see that you can enter a title and description of your assignment. Note that you can use bullets and even a numbered list for formatting your text here. Enter the details of your assignment and click “Save Assignment”.

Step 2: Adding Web Resources

Now that you’ve created the assignment, let’s add a web resource or two.  Go ahead and click on the “Add Content” tab from your dashboard. Now you can simply search for resources you wish to included in your assignment.

Go ahead and search for “Dinosaurs”. You will find many resources under this topic. Determine which you would like to point your students to. Next roll your mouse over the “add to…” link where you will see a small note appear giving you a choice of locations you can add this resource to.

Adding a resource to your already created dinosaur assignment.

Once you have selected your assignment from the menu shown above you will see a confirmation that the added resource was placed.

Step 3: Share With Your Students

This last step is really just sharing it with your students. You see in the previous two steps you’ve managed to create your assignment, discover resources, include those resources, and now the easiest part of all is to simply show your students the results.

Visit your class page, or you can visit our sample here.

Placed assignment on your class page!

You will see your newly created assignment is now found on the “Assignments” tab where your students can click to open it. Once expanded you will see the resource you added and your detailed description of the assignment.

Including web resources for students doesn’t need to be a long, arduous task. With 19Pencils it’s easy for you and your students with just a few clicks.

Happy teaching :-)

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