Saving Teachers a Little More Time

This is a follow up to an earlier post where we had shared an early release of our Chrome Browser extension.  When we made that early version available we opted to not make it available in the Google Web Store for a variety of reasons.

Learn about and install the free 19Pencils SiteSaver extension for Chrome.

Well, recent changes to Google Chrome have forced our hand in making it only available from the store. That’s a good thing. You will always be sure to have the latest release and can quickly install with only a click of your mouse.

But why would you want to use the 19Pencils SiteSaver extension? Well as our goal is to provide ways to help teachers save time in the classroom, this will allow you to save resources for your students from virtually any website!

Once installed you will find a button is added to your toolbar, showing a nice number “19”. Clicking this will enable you to visit your class page, save the website you’re currently viewing and even see how many resources you’ve found for your students to date.

We know it’s not exactly a cure for cancer, or a step towards world peace, but it’s one little thing that we hope makes a little difference for you and your students.

Happy teaching! :-)

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About Jason Fabbri

Founder of 19Pencils, Inc. Jason is constantly thinking of ways to help make the world of public education a better place. Learn more about 19Pencils.
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